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"So I’ve been convinced that I am single. That I haven’t yet fallen in love. They don’t write too many romantic comedies and novels about the love I’ve experienced, though there’s a few I’m sure…I’ve seen an overwhelming amount love making scenes in bedrooms. In my bedroom love was had, but it was sitting on my futon playing scrabble, during a power outage, Christmas Eve with my sister eating dark chocolate. We laughed. A lot.
When my sister is in pain, she asks me to just leave her alone and I do. I know it will help her. When I’m breaking I ask her to just leave me alone and she doesn’t. She knows it won’t help me. She hugs me, even though she hates being touched.
My best friend made me laugh, almost everyday and I made him laugh too. That saved me, everyday, that saved me. My god, Where are my manners? I can’t believe I never thanked you.
When my mother told me I was beautiful I didn’t think it mattered, as if the only opinions that were important were the ones of those who would be inside me, but I was inside of my mother for nine months. Now I know those two things seem uncomfortable to relate, but they’re related. We’re all related, all love is apart of the universe. My mother is a part of the universe. She is Jupiter’s dust and Saturn’s eighth ring. When Jupiter looked me in eyes and told me I was gorgeous, I didn’t listen.
Love hasn’t been romanticized, it’s been sexualized. I do not consider myself single. I am love, I am madly in love and so far from alone."
-Underrated Love 

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Shoreditch, London, UK
"Words are funny like that, they’re a stealth killer. A knife, a bullet, a fire. They all invoke pain on impact. But words…words, they enter your body, your mind, your being and three years later you’ll find yourself curled up on the bathroom floor bleeding out and enveloped in flame. They’ve been there the whole time, breaking down the parts of you that were strong enough to fight them off. Can anyone stay strong forever? with words as persistent as they are. I’ve learned another persons mind can be the deadliest weapon."
-Bleeding out

"1. Seeing someone you care about fall apart and put themselves back together
2. A well told story
3. An autumn afternoon spent in silence
4. Walking aimlessly and relaxed, with no fear of the night. Returning only when you’re calm.
5. Appreciating what it feels like to be whole and remembering that you weren’t always so lucky
6. Asking your grandmother and being satisfied with any answer she gives
7. Find a flower, still rooted. Stare at it, examine it, don’t hurt it. Find similarities in the yourself and it. You’re both in constantly growing
8. Be someone else for the day, someone you like. Decide in the morning that for today you’re no longer you, you’ve adapt someone elses personality for the time being. You’re someone who is loud and never skips breakfast. You don’t like to read and your favourite class was always science. You’ve got a wonderful relationship with your father and you can’t stand your mother, but you still call her every other day. Maybe you can sing too
9. Eat until you find something that you really love, ask the chef or the person behind the counter for the recipe, be appreciative when they tell you"
-9 Unconventional Ways to Learn 
"I was never afraid to speak for fear of being yelled at, or ridiculed. I wasn’t bottling it all up because I didn’t want to be rejected or told I was wrong. It was that look, the one where someone artificially sympathizes and nods their head. The look in someones eyes after you’ve pulled a thought, rooted so deep in your mind and handed it to them, just for them, dirt still dropping from the bottom, and all they can do is nod, dead-eyed. Misunderstanding can cause so much unintentional pain. Better not to say it all. Better to keep it planted. Keeping it growing."
-What if it Escapes